Friday, January 27, 2006

"Special Needs"

Beloved Offspring #2 has a mild disability and has been labeled as a child with “special needs.” It was a daunting phrase to hear at first, but the reality is that every child has little quirks and specific preferences, like having the crust cut off of their sandwiches, needing to have their forehead stroked to help them fall asleep, seeing Daddy do a special monkey dance before heading off to school (preferably outside in the driveway where all the neighbors can see it, too), singing their favorite Wiggles song to stop a tantrum or having their hotdogs peeled (thanks, mom). These particulars are part of what makes each child “special” and unique.


Mel Powell said...

Remind me to tell the story of sandwich bread crusts and how they applied to my mother's funeral. However, also remind me never to ask about Daddy's "monkey dance."

Daddy Reality said...

How Did The Sacred Monkey Dance become Known?

I do what I can, hopefully without causing pain to the viewer.

Daddy Reality said...
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